Is Office included for free with Windows 10 in ZED Series?

Yes, Office 365 version will be free for one month from the date of activation. You just have to login with your Microsoft/Hotmail mail ID to activate this service for one month and after one month completion you can buy license key from direct Microsoft or check with a local retailer.

Can install Windows 7 or 8 If I Hate Windows 10 in ZED Series?

No, you can’t downgrade this to Windows 7 or 8 because this device comes with pre-configured Windows 10 OS, if you are doing so then might be some function and features will not work and it may void warranty of your device.

How to Reset factory settings or when forgot password in ZED Series?

1.Click on Start option and Power icon, then press and hold on Shift key, and click Restart at the same time.
2.As a new window screen appears, choose Troubleshoot, and then click ok.


Chosse an option

3.Click on Reset this PC.


4.Click on Remove everything.


5.Just remove my file.


6.Click on restart.
7.After click on restart it will take 30 or 40 min to reinstall Windows.
This process will erase all data on your system. Make sure your system is plugged in and does not power off during the reset.

What to do when keyboard and mouse pad got stuck and not working in ZED Series?

Please follow the instructions If keyboard or mouse not working in ZED series.
First you need to open the on-screen-keyboard from the ease of use menu.
1.Open run option from window bar and type regedit.
8.Right click
10.Value data
Type 1
Restart PC

How to enter or reach BIOS setup in ZED Series?

To enter in BIOS setup you need to restart your device and continue press ‘ESC’ key for 5-10 seconds.

How to activate MS office 365 in ZED Series?

ZED Series devices comes with pre-loaded office 365 and you can access this with your Microsoft/Windows mail ID. just has to click on that product key option like below mention image.

2.And after click on red squared area you will see another window will open in which two option is there one is product key purchasing and one is use with your mail ID like below mention image,

3.Click on red squared area and provide mail ID, and you can access your office 365.

Is RAM memory expandable in ZED Series devices?

No, RAM memory is not expandable in ZED Series because in ZED Series devices RAM memory is mounted on PCB and it is not detachable.

Is ROM memory expandable in ZED Series?

No, ROM Memory is not expandable in ZED Series devices; however you can expand it with external hard drive up to 2TB.

My Windows 10 is not activated in ZED Series?

ZED Series devices comes with pre-installed Windows 10 OS, and when you are turning ‘ON’ your device at the very first time connect the device with internet or Wi-Fi, it will automatically activate your Windows.