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View incoming calls, notifications and other useful timely information, as well as get straight answers to spoken questions without removing your phone from your pocket or bag.


With it’s long battery life, you can track Steps Distance, Calories burned, Active minutes and etc. A stylish smart watch with a 1.22” Touch display for a comfortable fit. Very easy to use interface which is compatible with Android devices only.
The Zedwatch C has a sleek round design that fits perfectly on your wrist.
It is very light and made with a expertly crafted strap to make it remarkably comfortable to wear all day long, everyday.
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13 reviews for Zedwatch C

  1. registeredparking.com

    ___123___ILIFE Digital Technology – Zedwatch C, LED touch display___123___

  2. Mr. Mahdi Najafi

    Dear Sirs/Madams
    I have bought a zed watch. I want to change the watch face but there I cant find any application to do the face change. Please let me know how ca I change the watch face.
    Meanwhile please let me know if it is possible to update the watch system.

    • ILIFE Admin

      Thank you for contacting us !!!
      We have received your query, we will get back to you soon.


    Dear Sirs,

    I have bought a zed watch C. I want to change the watch face but there I can’t find any application to do the face change. Please let me know how can I change the watch face.


    Rupesh Singh

  4. Md Anas Mallick

  5. Joseph Raidy

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have bought a zed watch C and I need to replace its broken band, Please advice if it is available online to buy.
    Thank you
    Joseph Raidy, Lebanon

  6. Mahmoud

    I bought zed watch c and i’d like to replace its battery how i can buy it

  7. Mahmood sar

    I bought a zedwatch
    It does not wake up once it goes to sleep i have to connect charger to wake it up
    What is the problem
    Any advice

  8. Shed Marij

  9. Jarkko

    Hi, I cant find the app “FunRun” in the play store.

  10. Amal.p.Anil

    Good watch.Super facilities…

  11. Sashi

    Wifi Option , not visible , how to connect? App also not available in app store

  12. Cyber Knight

    HI, if your watch keeps shutting down, then pls turn off your motion sensor because my watch also kept shutting down randomly and i turned my motion sensor off and then it din’t shutdown. Hope it helped

  13. Elroy

    Hi need to know if it can use wifi, I have a c zed watch

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