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Compact. Lightweight.

I-Life Bluetooth Portable speakers allow you to take great-sounding audio with you—either around the house or when you’re on the move. They offer long battery life, easy-to-carry designs, and they connect to mobile devices—like smartphones and tablets—using Bluetooth®wireless technology.


With Bluetooth® technology, you can use your phone or tablet to stream your music wirelessly. Take your WX100 everywhere you go, then pair it with your friends’ phones and let them add their music to the mix. Switching between devices is as easy as pressing pause on one and pressing play on another.


This the most portable speaker you’ve ever seen—or heard. Leave the charger at home because its rechargeable battery can match even your longest playlists. And it looks as good as it sounds. Choose from a variety of color options and find the one that fits you best.


The WX100 Bluetooth Speaker doubles as a speakerphone with a built-in mic. Seamlessly go from listening to music to taking a hands-free phone call. Chat with friends and family, then get back to the music without missing a beat.


We are committed to ensuring exceptional sound in all our products – every layer, every nuance, every detail. This commitment drives us to constantly innovate using the latest audio technology to hone our unmistakable UE sound signature. This sound signature provides pure, undiluted audio that’s rich, clear and perfectly tuned every time

Cool Record shape design for your memory of record player,

Aluminum Cover

CSR Bluetooth Solution for high quality wireless connection

4W powerful speaker with good sound quality

Built-in Microphone inside

Up to 3 hours playing time for normal volume

With AUX in to use even by 3.5mm audio cable

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